Date: 1/25/99

Sender: Neil Stuart

To: Gary Carter

Subject: AMS meeting in Dallas

Mr. Carter,

meeting. I'm sure Dan McCarthy has been quite busy at SPC with all the severe weather that has been occurring. So, I'll just

summarize with the notes I took. All of us in the BOGM plan to work closely with you and everyone

else at regional Scientific Services Divisions. We hope to be able to use ccmail and maybe regional staff notes to keep

everyone updated on new items related to the BOGM. I'm not sure if AMS-related material is technically a legal use of government

ccmail, so I won't do any blanket regional ccmail until I get an official word.

large majority of which probably don't know we exist. Dan's meeting notes will be a basis for creating my own message to send

to folks in the region so they'll know who we are and what we do. Now that Ron McPherson is Executive Director of the AMS, he is

more open to the idea of possibly putting forecasting-related articles in the Bulletin of the AMS, perhaps on some routine

basis. If we can eventually convince the proper authorities, this would certainly encourage operational folks to read more of

the Bulletin of the AMS. Also, we hope to include more BOGM material in the annual administrative issue.

not necessarily add value to our job qualifications. Also, an annual fee for renewal of certification is not desireable. We

were informed that Gen. Kelley has a committee to evaluate proficiency standards in the NWS which is similar to

certification since proficiency would be evaluated at some regular interval.

for the BOGM web site and have many innovative ideas that we hope will attract many operational folks to the web site, perhaps

encouraging more operational folks to become involved with the AMS. We want to make the web site a primary source of important

forecast-related reference information, and also make it somewhat interactive, encouraging people to contact us and other AMS folks

with questions and input.

Committee on Weather and Forecasting to select nominees. I suppose that names of nominees with documentation could be sent

to BOGM or WAF folks once they've been through the proper channels.

meteorologists. I believe one of the BOGM members was very involved in this project.

development. The overall AMS meeting was very interesting. It was tough attend every session I wanted, but I attended the AMS business

meeting, Tropical Conference, some of the IIps Conference, some of the Conference on Applied Climatology, and met/talked with

many nice people. I really enjoyed the experience, and look forward to more in the coming years.