Danny '97 Table of Contents

These radar images were presented by Neil Stuart at the National Hurricane Conference in Norfolk, VA, which took place from April 6-10, 1998. A condensed explanation for each radar image is presented here.

1.  Base Reflectivity loop.

2.  Base Velocity loop.

3.  Storm Total Precipitation loop.

4.  Close up of spiral band.

5.  Cross section through thunderstorms.

6.  Storm-relative velocity display of tornadic thunderstorms.

7.  Sprectrum Width image of tornadic thunderstorms.

8. Cross section through the dry slot.

9. Close-up image of base velocity.

10. Maximum inbound velocity.

11. Maximum outbound velocity.

12. Base velocity cross section through center of Danny.

13. Base velocity cross section through maximum inbound velocity.

14. Base velocity cross section through maximum outbound velocity.

15. Base reflectivity cross section through center or "eye" of Danny as it exited offshore.

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