Description of Parameters in the Daily Fire Weather Forecast
Cloud Amount General Description of Sky Cover
Chance Precip Probability of measurable precipitation (0.01 or more) during the period. (POP)
Precip Type Type of precipitation that is expected
Max/Min Temps Maximum forecast temp during the day/Minimum forecast temperature at night
Wind Direction Direction from which the wind will flow.
Wind Speed Forecast wind speed in MPH.
Precip Amount Amount of liquid precipitation expected during the period. 
Precip Duration Duration Estimate in hours for Precipitation. Forecast when the POP, is greater than 50%. 
LAL Lightning Activity Level (See Chart 1 for a further description)
Rel Humidity % Minimum Relative humidity during the day, Maximum Relative Humidity at night. 
Mixing Height The Atmospheric limit above which vigorous vertical mixing does not take place. This is forecast in Feet.
Haines Index Infers the stability of the atmosphere by taking into account both temperatures difference and moisture levels through the first few thousand feet of the atmosphere. 

(See Chart 2 for further details)

Transport Dir Average wind direction through the atmospheric mixing layer.
Transport Speed Average wind speed through the atmospheric mixing layer. 
Dispersion Index  A numerical Index developed by Lavdas that describes the atmosphere’s ability to disperse smoke or particles.
Disp Descriptor A general indication of the state of the atmosphere with respect to its ability to disperse smoke from a controlled/prescribed fire operations standpoint.

( Refer to Chart 3 for a further description.) 

Ventilation Multiplication of the mixing height and transport wind.
Dew Point Forecast of the minimum Standard Dew Point in the day and Maximum dew point at night.
Burn Category Subjective description of the potential of the atmosphere’s influence on fire conditions. (Refer to Chart 4 for a further description.)
Burn off Temp The temperature at which the atmosphere will freely mix. 
Adverse Winds Subjective description of the wind speed profile through the first few thousand feet of the atmosphere.