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This beautiful shot of virga (precipitation which evaporates before reaching the ground) falling from an altocumulus deck was submitted by Mr. Reginald Flippin, Cooperative Observer in Amelia, VA. The photo was taken by his friend, Mr. Charles W. Jackson in mid-January, 1996 in Burlington, NC.

These photos were taken in the Ghent section of Norfolk, during and after the infamous hailstorm of May 1, 1997.

This next series of photos was taken by Mr. Hugh Cobb, Wakefield NWSO's Science Operations Officer outside his Suffolk, VA home following the ice storm of February 2, 1996.

These photos were taken by Mr. Hugh Cobb in the Ghent section of Norfolk (on the Hague) during the first of our now famous twin Nor'easter's. The date and time was January 28, 1998 at approximately 4:30 p.m. This was about one hour AFTER LOW tide. The water level at this particular time was approximately 4.5 feet above MLLW (Mean Lower Low Water). The highest recorded tide from these two storms was 7.1 feet above MLLW and occurred at approximately 4:00 a.m. on February 5, 1998. This was the was the highest tide recorded since the Ash Wednesday Storm of March 8, 1962.

The following photos were taken by Mr. John C. Roberts, one of our SKYWARN Storm Spotters from the city of Virginia Beach. The photos were taken at 6:00 PM on Thursday April 9, 1998 just hours after a severe thunderstorm moved through the Lynnhaven section of Virginia Beach. The photos show extensive damage to a warehouse structure which included a collapsed wall...cinder blocks thrown 75-100 feet from their origins and peeled tin roofing material.

The weak (F0 scale) tornado moved along a path which extended from the Riverwalk section of the city of Chesapeake east-northeastwrad through the Greenbrier section of that city and into the city of Virginia Beach along a Kempsville-Rosemont-Lynnhaven axis. This tornado marked the 6th confirmed tornado within the Wakefield County Warning Area in 1998.