Severe Weather Event - July 3, 1996

A classic supercell thunderstorm developed over southern Greensville county Virginia and moved southeastward into Northampton county North Carolina, spawning a possible tornado. Trees were uprooted and several buildings destroyed just south and east of the town of Conway, North Carolina near the intersection of US Route 158 and NC Route 35.

The image above depicts a storm relative motion (SRM) product from 338 PM EDT (1938 UTC) July 3, 1996. The product depicts 30-35 KT rotation at the lowest elevation angle (0.5 degrees) within a mesocyclonic circulation.

The image below depicts a Base reflectivity product from the same time. Notice the "hook" shaped appendage at the end of the enhanced reflectivity signature with a well defined inflow notch on the southeastern edge of the reflectivity signature.