I attended the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 1965 and 1966 where I received my Associates Degree.

I went into the Air Force in June, 1967 and spent seven years in the Air Weather Service. For several months, I was home-based at Tinker, AFB OK with the 6th Mobile Unit. Four of my seven years with the military, I was stationed at Clark, AFB in the Philippines. I was assigned to the Rawinsonde (Upper Air) section.

After my discharge in June, 1974, I resumed my studies full time taking Math, Meteorology, Oceanography and the Computer Sciences.

I started working for the National Weather Service in August, 1975 and was stationed in (DRT) Del Rio, TX... (ROC) Rochester, NY (my hometown)...and (PBI) West Palm Beach, FL. I transferred and converted to Met series at the (MLB) Melbourne office in March, 1996, when PBI closed shop.

I met Mary Berniece in Central Florida on her birthday, May 11th and we were married November 22, 1998. Berniece is a Legal Assistant for Gray Harris and Robinson at the Melbourne office after transferring from Orlando (her hometown). We enjoy boating, fishing, camping, hiking, golfing, travel and a little closer to home activity ...gardening. Between the two of us we have two mother-in-laws, six children and two grandchildren. We also have 5 sisters and one brother, whom I still enjoy hunting and fishing with in the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY.

Email-me at Paul.Houle@noaa.gov