September 24, 2001

Tornado warnings issued, but very little damage.

Radar Reflectivity 2052 UTC 9/24/01Radar Storm Relative Motion 2052 UTC 9/24/01Radar Base Velocity 2052 UTC 9/24/01

Above - Some damage was reported at Wicomico Church in Northumberland County.  Radar didn't depict any well-defined severe weather signatures.  There was some very weak rotation at the lowest radar elevation angle (around 5000 feet).  There was no signature in the reflectivity or base velocity data, other than a broad area of 36 to 50 knot winds that could have been mixed down by heavy rain.

Radar Reflectivity 1937 UTC 9/24/01Radar Storm Relative Motion 1931 UTC 9/24/01

Above - Base Reflectivity shows a hook echo over Dinwiddie County and 30.5 knots of rotation with 0.016/s shear, above the tornado warning criteria of 0.015/s shear.  No damage was reported.

Radar Storm Relative Motion 2133 UTC 9/24/01Radar Reflectivity 2145 UTC 9/24/01Radar Storm Relative Motion 2145 UTC 9/24/01Radar Storm Relative Motion 2150 UTC 9/24/01Radar Reflectivity 2156 UTC 9/24/01

Above - Strong rotation and shear in northwest Bertie County prompted a tornado warning.  Base reflectivity shows an appendage or hook associated with the storm in Bertie County.  The shear was far above the 0.015/s threshold used as an informal benchmark for issuing a tornado warning.  At least 2 houses were damaged, and tree limbs were ripped off the tops of some trees around Aulander in northwest Bertie County.

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