Storm of 16-18 November 2002

On Friday November 15th mild air lay across most of the Northeast.  Temperatures peaked at 60 in Albany.  As the day past, a cold front slid slowly south through the region.  During Friday night the cold front continued south through New York and New England.  At the same time, low pressure was developing across the Gulf States and moving northward up the Appalachians.  Snow broke out early Saturday, but as warm air over rode the cold air near the ground, snow changed to sleet and freezing rain and by Sunday most areas changed to just rain.  Colder air worked back in Sunday night behind the storm and the precipitation changed back to snow with most places receiving a burst of heavy snow.  Parts of Litchfield County had a prolonged period of freezing rain and the heavy coating of ice on trees and power lines produced considerable damage.  Over 100,00 people lost power in northwest Connecticut.  Scattered power outages were common over most of the area.

3-Day  Precipitation Totals for a few places  (rain/snow)
City Precipitation Snow
Albany 2.02 5.8
Poughkeepsie (2 day total) 3.62 M
Platte Cove (Greene Cty) 2.66 8.2
Indian Lake 0.86 6.2
Piseco Lake 1.02 7.2
Easton (Washington Cty) 1.78 8.4
Sunderland, VT 2.02 7.2
Norfolk CT (2 day total) 2.69 3

Precipitation Map (New York) from NY State Department of Environmental Conservation

Daily Precipitation Summary for Saturday Nov. 16th

Daily Precipitation Summary for Sunday Nov. 17th

Daily Precipitation Summary for Monday Nov. 18th