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National Weather Service Albany
& University at Albany
Research Collaboration

The NWS in Albany NY continues to aggressively perform research
and seek out collaborative research opportunities.

Interested collaborators should contact the
Science Operations Officer at NWS Albany:

Warren Snyder
National Weather Service
251 Fuller Road Suite B300
Albany NY 12203

CSTAR -Collaborative Science, Technology, and Applied Research Program
Improving the Prediction of Cool- and Warm-Season Heavy Precipitation Events over the Northeastern United States.

14th Northeast Regional Operational Workshop


Past Northeast Regional Operational Workshops

13th Northeast Regional Operational Workshop

12th Northeast Regional Operational Workshop

11th Northeast Regional Operational Workshop

10th Northeast Regional Operational Workshop

9th Northeast Regional Operational Workshop

8th Northeast Regional Operational Workshop

7th Northeast Regional Operational Workshop

6th Northeast Regional Operational Workshop

5th Northeast Regional Operational Workshop

4th Northeast Regional Operational Workshop

3rd Northeast Regional Operational Workshop

            Selected Presentation from the Conference (Corel Presentations format)

                  An Updated Look at Some Severe Weather Forecast Parameters

                  Warm Season Closed Lows in the Northeastern United States

Local Severe Weather Forecast and Warning Training Module
(from 1999-2000 Comet project Work) - works best in Internet Explorer

1999-2000 NWS Albany - University at Albany - SUNY
COMET  Cooperative Project on Tornadoes and Severe Weather

HPC Northeastern U.S. Heavy Rain Event Precipitation Analyses (1993-2001)

Development of Equations to predict the Severity of  Hail Events and Maximum Hail Size in New York  (PDF format)

Radar Characteristics of the 15 July 1995 Derecho  (PDF format)

Second Northeast Regional Operational Workshop Abstracts (Nov. 2000)

Storm Summary and Analysis of the May 31, 1998 Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado Outbreak


Papers presented at the 22nd Conference on Severe Local Storm In Hyannis, MA October, 2004.

Development of New Fire Weather Indices for the Northeast.  

 Development of a Forecast Equation to Predict the Severity of Thunderstorm Events in New York State.  

Grafton Flash Floods of June 12-13 1996  (PDF format)

VIL Density as a Indicator of Hail across Eastern New York and Western New England.  

Identify and Forecasting Dynamically active Jets and Development of New Display Methods using GARP.

An Evaluation of the April Fool's Snowstorm of 1997 and the Role of Elevation Dependency. and Storm Summary of the March 31 / April 1, 1997 Blizzard.

 Investigation of Synoptic Scale High Wind Events across the Northeast.

Improved Heavy Rainfall Forecasting - Focusing in Short Term Events and Urban Flooding.

Improving Verification - How Human Forecasters Significantly Improve Over Guidance in Critical Weather Situations.                       

Some Verification Trends at the Albany Forecast Office Some Verification Trends at the Albany Forecast Office. 

Defining Light and Variable Winds in Non-Convective Environments from an Aviation Forecasting Perspective.

Derecho of 15 July 1995 (COMET) 
Storm Summary of the July 15, 1995 Super Derecho.  

Background Information on the Influence of Terrain on the Memorial Day Tornado of 1995.  

Development of Snow Accumulation Algorithm for the WSR -88D

First operationally used image of the 1 hour Snowfall from the Snow Accumulation Algorithm for the WSR -88D.

Abstract...The Public Relations/Education Function of Meteorological Communication.  

ER-TAN 11  A World Wide Web Primer

ER-TAN 12 Establishing a World Wide Web Server on the Scientific Applications Computer (SAC)

Setting up a Snow Measuring Network (PDF Format)


US Department of Commerce
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Weather Service Forecast Office
Center for Emerging Sciences and Technology Management
251 Fuller Road Suite B300
Albany, NY 12203-3640

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