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Smoke Plume from Canada

Forest fires across the western sections of the Canadian Province of Quebec brought a hazy, smoky day across parts of central New York and Eastern Pennsylvania on July 6th, 2002. The image below is a visible satellite image at 12:15 pm EDT. The smoke plumes are the "milky" dim, transparent areas on the image. Some are highlighted with yellow arrows. The brighter white areas, across the right hand side of the image, and on the extreme left side of the image are clouds. The speckled areas across parts of Pennsylvania are clouds. The blue arrow shows the generally wind direction and the movement of the smoke.

Visible satellite image showing smoke areas moving across parts of NY, and PA on July 6, 2002.

Here is a loop of visible satellite images. The first image starts at 5:15 AM EDT (915 UTC) through 2:15 PM EDT (1815 UTC) Saturday July 6th, 2002. Javascript enabled browser required to view loop.

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Posted 07.06.2002, updated 07.07.2002