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National Weather Service Binghamton, New York

Severe Storms June 6th, 2005

National Weather Service Binghamton WSR-88D - Base Reflectivity

This is a series of 60 reflectivity images from the National Weather Service Radar in Binghamton, New York. The loop shows a line of severe thunderstorms moving across central New York and northeast Pennsylvania. The loop starts around 10:00 AM EDT, and ends around 5:00 PM EDT.

REFLECTIVITY: The measure of the efficiency of a target in intercepting and returning radio energy. With hydrometers it is a function of the drop size distribution, number of particles per unit volume, physical state (ice or water), shape and aspect. A measure of the fraction of radiation reflected by a given surface; defined as a ratio of the radiant energy reflected to the total that is incident upon the surface.

Loop Controls. Click on stop to stop the loop. Then use the > or < buttons to step the loop forward or backward.

Rock will loop the image forward to completion then back.

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