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May 31st, 1998 Tornado Outbreak

Damage survey for May 31st, 1998 across Wyoming county in Northeast Pennsylvania

Initially ground damage survey began along CR 2020 which appeared to be the eastern end of the damage track. This area was a westward facing slope of a hill where twisting damage to the trees and the chaotic debris field provided evidence of a tornado. Structures near the trees appeared to be unaffected but overall damage was consistent with an F1 tornado.

The survey continued traveling southwestward along CR 2020 back to SR 309, then up CR 2018, which is also known as Lake Alderson Rd. Initial damage was near the top of the hill at the Richard Clarke residence. Mr Clarke had no damage to his home but had several large maple, oak and pine trees uprooted or snapped off. He did have significant damage to a chain link fence on the western side of his property.

Heading south off CR 2020, considerable tree damage was noted on a private road. Again the damage was chaotic with trees lying in different directions, some being uprooted and some being twisted off. Within 50 yards of an extensive area of tree damage was a light duty, homemade greenhouse made of plastic film and 1x1 and wooden supports. It was undamaged. One of the homes did suffer roof damage when a large maple fell on it.

An ariel survey of this area revealed that a barn had lost it's roof just a few hundred feet up the hill from CR 2020 and that seemed to be the beginning of the damage. This F1 tornado had a non-continuous track one half mile long and 50 yards wide.

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