• Both cases (11/27/96 and 01/17/05) featured significant lake effect/enhanced snow bands from near ROC southeastward across the Finger Lakes region

    • 4 – 7" totals, locally 8"+

    • Multiple bands in '96, one primary band in '05

    • "Feeder elements" dropped into the convergence zone from the N or NE in both cases

  • Well developed convergence / baroclinic zone evident in both cases

    • Cold air "shooting the gap" between Lake Ont. and the Tug Hill, while air was slightly modified directly south of Lake Ont.

  • Many of the previously shown "common elements" for more significant Finger Lake bands were in place

    • Deep moisture and steep low-level lapse rates (inversion base AOA 700 mb)

    • Low shear

    • Decent synoptic-scale support from incoming short waves

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