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Marine Forecasts

Special Marine Bulletins

Marker Last Issued Special Marine Warning
Marker Last Issued Marine Weather Statement

Coastal Marine Forecasts

Marker Southern New England Coastal Marine Forecast
Marker Eastern Maine Coastal Marine Forecast
Marker Western Maine, New Hampshire Coastal Marine Forecast
Marker New York and New Jersey Coastal Marine Forecast

Marker Coastal Marine Forecasts From Maine To South Carolina.
     Select from a map.  Warnings are highlighted.

Offshore Marine Forecasts

Marker New England Offshore Marine Forecast
Marker West Central Atlantic Offshore Marine Forecast
Marker North Atlantic High Seas Marine Forecast

Boating Forecasts For Lakes

Marker Lake Champlain (Warm Season Only)
Marker Finger Lakes and Lake Oneida

Buoy Observations

Marker Recent hour. Buoys of interest to New England include 44005, 44008, 44013, and BUZM3.
Marker Another Interactive Map of buoy data for New England

NOS Tide Gauges

Marker Portland, ME
Marker Boston Harbor, MA
Marker Woods Hole, MA
Marker Nantucket Sound, MA
Marker Newport, RI
Marker Providence, RI
Marker New London, CT
Marker Bridgeport, CT

Other Information

Marker Information about the marine program at the NWS Boston office
Marker Safe Boating Weather Tips
Marker Map showing the marine forecast zones
Marker Marine Product Dissemination Information from the Marine and Coastal Weather Services Branch
Marker Stellwagen Bank - Marine Sanctuary
Marker U.S.C.G. Broadcast Schedule - Broadcast times and frequencies of the NWS Coastal, Offshore, and High Seas Forecasts
Standard abbreviations used in marine forecasts.
ATLC .. Atlantic   FT  .. Feet           PAC  .. Pacific
AVG  .. Average    KTS .. Knots          PRES .. Pressure
DEG  .. Degree     MB  .. Millibars      TSTM .. Thunderstorm
FM   .. Fathom     NM  .. Nautical Miles VSBY .. Visibility

N   ..  North      SE  .. Southeast      W    .. West
NE  ..  Northeast  S   .. South          NW   .. Northwest
E   ..  East       SW  .. Southwest