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Buffalo New York

Storm Relative Velocity Map (SRM)
Allegany County 3:44 PM EDT (19:39 UTC) April 28, 2002

On Sunday, April 28, 2002 at 3:44 PM EDT - National Weather Service Doppler Radar at Buffalo indicated a mesocyclone or circulation center over Western Allegany County. The Storm Relative Velocity Map (SRM) product shows this signature about 7 miles west of Angelica. The green colors indicate velocities toward the radar site, while the reds indicate velocities away from the radar. The Buffalo radar is located northwest of the radar image. The image shows a strong gate-to-gate (green-red couplet) signature indicative of storm rotation and possible at around 3000 feet above ground level. An F2 tornado touched down between 350 PM and 400 PM near the town of Belfast.

NWS Buffalo Storm Relative Velocity Map

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