Severe Thunderstorms
July 3rd, 1999

During the evening hours on July 3rd, severe thunderstorms developed across parts of the western Southern Tier of New york. While three eye-witnesses reported seeing funnels, it was determined by a Weather Service Storm Survey that the damage done was the result of downburst thunderstorm winds.

The damage began in Springville in southern Erie County where several large trees were downed. The thunderstorm continued moving east southeast across parts of Yorkshire, Delevan and Freedom. Numerous large trees were downed along the damage path. In Yorkshire, a large equipment shed was blown apart. In Delevan, a large barn and two concrete silos were destroyed while another barn and chicken coop also sustained damage. At the Freedom Speedway, several large steel bleachers were moved and overturned, light poles bent over and a cinder block building was moved off its foundation.

The eye-witnesses reported seeing the funnels toward the end of the damage path. Witnesses also reported hail stones of 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

The actual damage path was about a mile wide and nearly five miles in length. Winds were estimated at 90 to 100 mph. There were no known injuries as a result of the storm.

Photos taken during the Storm Survey 7/4/99. Click on the thumbnail to view larger image.
In Yorkshire, this equipment shed was blown away from the barn it has been added to. The roof of the shed can be seen lying against the silo and garage.