Lake Erie ice cover at the end of 2000

By December 31st, ice cover is now apparent over the western half of the lake, we can see it extend to just south of Long Point, Ontario. Although there is a cloud shield over the western third of the lake, we can assume that the portion of the lake under the cloud shield is also ice covered.  Cloud covers the eastern end of the lake but from surface reports onshore, ice continues to build out from the shoreline.  The best way to separate cloud cover from ice cover in an image like this is to run a loop of consecutive images.  The clouds move and the ice does not. 

If you would like to see a 4-frame loop to pick out the ice cover, you can click on the image below.  I must warn you, that this file will take some time to download on slower MODEM speeds, so please be patient. 

ICEL1.gif (50761 bytes)
Satellite loop