NWS Buffalo, New York
Satellite Image Archive

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{Satellite images courtesy NESDIS.}

Valley fog (35k)

2 km visible image shows early morning fog in river valleys across parts of New York and Pennsylvania.

Nor'easter (46k)

A nor'easter pounds the Atlantic coast in this 4 km false-color water vapor image.

Lake ice


Ice lingers on the eastern end of Lake Erie near the end of March in this 1 km visible image, resulting in a traditionally cool spring in Buffalo.

Lake-induced stability (44k)

2 km visible image shows how cumulus cloud formation is inhibited by relatively cool lake waters, which stabilize the atmosphere.

Lake effect cloud bands (49k)

Lake effect cloud bands stretch from Lake Erie to the Atlantic coast on this 2 km IR false-color image.

Canadian Forest Fires (25k)

Smoke from forest fires in Ontario and Quebec disperses downwind on this 2 km visible image.

Cumulonimbi (29k)

Cumulunimbus clouds bring wind damage and heavy rain to Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and Allegany Counties of Western New York.

Thunderstorm (100k)

Cumulunimbus cloud explodes over Southern Ontario, Canada on this gif animation of 1 km visible images.

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