Explaination of the Digital Forecast

The digital forecast is a new product issued by the National Weather Service at Caribou. The digital forecast is a digital representation of the weather forecast prepared by a NWS meteorologist.

Hours are in local time using a 24 hour clock.
POP 12 is the 12 hour probability of precipitation for the day or night at which it is indicated
QPF 12 is the total amount of precipitation forecast to fall in inches during the 12 hour period averaged over an entire zone or zones.
MAX QPF is the highest amount of precipitation expected at any point in the area forecast.
SNOW is the total snow fall expected in the 12 hour period.
TEMP is the temperature forecast at the hour listed above.
DEWPT is the dew point forecast at the hour listed above.
WIND DIR is the wind direction that the wind will blow from for the hour listed above
WIND SPD is the wind speed for the hour listed above
CLOUDS show the sky cover for the hour listed above. CL = clear, SC = scattered, BK= broken, OV=overcast
Precipitation type is indicated below clouds. The letter that is shown below an hour indicates the frequency or probability. C=chance, L=likely, O=occasional