STEP 1- Preparation

The first step in the warning process is to be prepared. The National Weather Service in Cleveland tries to prepare for a major severe weather outbreak at least one or two days in advance. A forecaster can do this by looking for key ingredients for severe weather using graphic products or numerical model data. Also, the National Severe Storms Forecast Center is keeping a 24 hour watch on the entire United States for the potential of strong storms.

If a forecaster comes to the conclusion that there is going to be a severe weather outbreak. The next step is to anticipate and coordinate staffing needs at least 24 hours before the event begins. Also, the public begins to be informed by the weather office. Special Weather Statements and forecasts are issued stating the fact there is a severe potential across the area.

As the event draws closer. Coordination between the NWSFO in Cleveland and the National Severe Storms Forecast Center begin to take place, in which a watch may be issued.

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