How data in the table is generated

Data in the table is updated several times per hour using AWIPS AHPS data files (HML files). If a gauge has reported an observation the latest observation and date is displayed. If a gauge does not have an observation it is indicated as missing by a dash (-) symbol.

Forecast stage height information comes from forecasts released by the River Forecast Centers contained in the XML file. If there is no forecast or the forecast is more than 24 hours old from the time that the page was created the forecast height information is indicated by a dash (-) symbol. If the trend of the forecast is either increasing or decreasing continually throughout the forecast period, then there is no relevant crest information so it is indicated by a dash (-).

There is no direct crest information contained explicitly in the XML files. This has to be calculated. If there is relevant forecast height information in the XML data the value and date of the highest point is recorded for the table. The Over Flood Stage column indicates how many feet the forecast stage is expected to be over the flood stage by subtracting the flood stage height from the forecast stage height. If these values are positive they will be colored yellow. Negative values indicate the forecast stage is to remain below flood stage.