Interagency Agreement for the Meteorological Services in Support of Agencies with Land and Fire Management Responsibilities (Click Here)

Fire Weather Zone Maps

Fire weather zones in South Carolina will consist of individual counties or groups of counties. These groupings will be dictated by meteorological conditions, may change with each forecast issuance, and may contain counties in adjacent states served by the forecast office. Normally, zone groupings are associated with climatologically homogeneous areas, even with current meteorological reasoning taken into account.

For a map of the SC fire weather zones, click here. (Note: Berkely County has been split into an inland zone and a coastal zone, and this change is not yet reflected by the map)

For a map of the NWS offices serving SC, and the counties they serve, click here.

Catalog of Fire Weather Observation Sites

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Name (Agency), County, Station Number, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation

ACE BASIN (USFWS), Charleston Co., 380102, 32.6583 N, 80.3989 W, 9'

ANDREW PICKENS (USFS), Oconee Co., 380102, 34.8092 N, 83.1279 W, 1650'

CAROLINA SANDHILLS NWR (USFWS), Chesterfield Co., 381201, 34.6619 N, 80.2742 W, 394'

CONGAREE NP(NPS), Richland Co., XXXXXX, 33.4600 N, 80.4700 W, 150'

FORT JACKSON DOD FIRE TOWER (DOD), Richland Co., 382601, 34.0100 N, 80.5200 W, 540'

FORT JACKSON DOD LEESBURG (DOD), Richland Co., XXXXXX, 34.0396 N, 80.7396 W, 70'

KINGS MOUNTAIN (NPS), Chorkee Co., 380601, 35.1456 N, 81.4022 W, 820'

LONG CANE (USFS), Edgefield Co., XXXXXX, 33.9228 N, 82.1425 W, 383'

MARION (SCFC), Marion Co, 382901, 34.1858 N, 79.3362 W, 102'

SAVANNAH NWR (USFWS), Jasper Co., 384201, 32.1000 N, 81.0833 W, 10'

SAVRAW (USFS/SRS), Aiken Co., 383701, 33.3600 N, 81.6800 W, 310'

SAVRIV (USFS/SRS), Aiken/Barnwell Co., 383101, 33.3300 N, 81.5900 W, 390'

WALTERBORO (SCFC), Colleton Co., 384601, 32.9234 N, 80.6295 W, 124'

WAMBAW (USFS), Berkeley, Co., XXXXXX, 33.0970 N, 79.4683 W, 15'

WHITMIRE (USFS), Union Co., 380902, 34.6333 N, 81.5993 W, 565'

WITHERBEE (USFS), Berkeley Co., 384002, 33.1613 N, 79.8293 W, 54'


Record of Changes to the AOP

October 2006:

Noted in Services that the spot forecast format may be tabular.

January 2007:

Noted in Wildland Fire Agency Responsibilities the upcoming automation of R to O type NFDRS observations.

Made detailed descriptions of forecast parameters in Services Provided by the National Weather Service, and made active links to each NWS office.

February 2008:

Added a call to action statement for the Fire Danger Statement.

January 2009:

Changed dispersion information for CHS, and added information about ADI and LVORI, under Service Provided by the National Weather Service.

January 2010:

Updated the National Interagency Agreement for Meteorological Services ot the 2008 - 2012 version. Added a map of RAWS Stations. Corrected the location of some RAWS sites. Added information on hte Fire Weather Point Forecast Matrix (PFW).

January 2011:

Added ACE BASIN RAWS, and corrected locations and elevations of several RAWS sites in Appendix. Added Minimum Visibilty and expanded definition of mixing height in Planning Forecast section of Services.

January 2012:

Added section on the experimental AFW produced by WFO GSP, with a link to the AFW guide. Changed Wilmington, NC FPL from Ron Steve to Josh Weiss.