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If you have experienced any kind of significant weather, we would appreciate your report. This form is not intended for the real-time collection of data, as we cannot monitor our email closely during an ongoing event. However, your voluntary reports will help us verify our warnings and provide a more complete picture of a significant weather event. Immediately after you experience severe weather, you should first call your local county communications center. If you are a trained spotter, then use our spotter hotline number.

What kind of reports do we want? The criteria for a severe thunderstorm is:

For heavy rain events, we would like to know about amounts of 1 inch or more in less than an hour's time, or any amount in excess of 3 inches.

For winter weather events we would like reports of the onset of any kind of wintry weather, be it snow, sleet or freezing rain. Then, we would like to know about snow accumulations of 1 inch or more, sleet accumulations of .25 inches, and any glaze of freezing rain which begins to weigh down trees and power lines.

What kind of event did you experience?

Severe Thunderstorm 
Heavy Rain
Winter Weather

Your Location:

           State:     County:


           Name, Address and Phone number (voluntary):


If this was a severe thunderstorm, fill out the damage type below:

Hail Size:      Wind Speed (mph): 


Time of the event (day and hour): 



If you have experienced heavy rain or flooding, please provide details below:

          Time of the event (day and hour):


If you have experienced winter weather:

          Type of winter weather   

          Time precipitation began (day and hour) 

          Amount of accumulation. Please specify snow or ice:


If you have experienced a tornado, please provide any information such as time, damage and why you think there may have been a tornado:



If your report does not belong to one of the above, please explain:



Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter.

Private Policy

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