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A sampling of local and collaborative Research:

Portland, Maine Sea Breeze Study - Summer 2000 - Dr. Nolan T. Atkins, J. B. Hayes, J. A. Ronco, and Scott D. Vibert
A Hydrometeorological Assessment of the October 1996 Record Rainstorm in Maine - J. W. Cannon 
A Light Snow Event Generated Below the 850 mb Level - S. J. Capriola
Verification of NCEP Marine Wind Forecasts for the Isle of Shoals C-MAN During Gale and Marine Storm Events - S. J. Capriola
Modifying the Mesocyclone Detection Algorithm: The Missing Lake Cobbosseecontee Maine Tornado - J. W. Cannon 
Radar Characteristics of the Northeastern U.S. Derecho - Bosart, Bracken, Cannon, LaPenta, Quinlan, and Seimon 
The Impact of Seasonal  Differences in Air and Sea Temperatures on Wind Speed Forecasting - H. J. Lulofs
A Technique for Generating Local Pop Guidance During Stratified Precipitation Events at Portland, Maine  H. J. Lulofs
A Method to Forecast Wintertime Instability and Non-Lake Effect SnowSqualls Across Northern New England - W. Lundstedt
Determining the Relationship Between Surface Wind Speed and the Initial Elevation Angle During Radiosonde Releases - H. J. Lulofs
An Analysis of Synoptic Scale Flood Events in the Eastern United States During 1980-1989 - Steven J. Capriola 
A Local Verification of LFM and NGM Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts for Maine and New Hampshire Steven J. Capriola
A Procedure for Forecasting Precipitation Type Using NGM Low Level Temperatures and LFM MOS Frozen Precipitation Probabilities - Joseph A. Ronco, Jr.
Using BUFKIT to Forecast Non-Convective Low-Level Wind Shear - H. J. Lulofs
Developing Operational ETA POP Guidance for Maine and New Hampshire - H. J. Lulofs
Portland, Maine's First 100 Years of  Snowfall - A. Sardinha

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