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STATION LOCATION: The office is located on the west side of Hopkins Airport. By car, exit I-40 at Grayton Road to Brookpark Road, then west on Brookpark to first traffic light, turn left at light. Office is first building on left. Telephones:

STATION ACTIVITY: (1) a full public service program is maintained, including state and zone forecasts for Ohio and Cleveland and Vicinity forecast. Appropriate flash flood and storm warnings are issued for counties of responsibility. (2) Marine forecasts and warnings are issued for Lake Erie. The office operates a Great Lakes Marine Enhancement program as well. (3) Aviation terminal forecasts are issued for ii major airports. Aviation route forecasts are issued for seven routes crossing Ohio (TWEBS). Pilot briefing and support for FSS facilities are provided. (4) Agricultural forecasts are prepared daily during the warmer months. (5) Air pollution potential forecasts for Ohio are issued as needed. (6) Flood warnings are issued as required. The Cleveland Hydrologic Service Area Office issues river forecasts for forty-nine forecast points within the state. (7) The river office serves as the critical Flood Support Forecast Center for the Ohio River drainage are served by the Cincinnati River Forecast Center. (8) NWR transmitters are located at Castalia and Chersterland, Ohio. (9) Office provides Port Meteorological services for vessels operating on the Great Lakes.

TRANSIENT AND PERMANENT LIVING ACCOMMODATIONS: There are numerous motels and hotels near the airport which provide adequate lodging at standard rates. Apartment rentals can be high, but occasional 2 bedroom units around $300/month can be found. House rentals are limited. New and older homes for sale under $80,000 are scarce. Homes over $80,000 are usually available throughout the year.

LOCAL TRANSPORTATION: A car is essential for employees working on the west side of the airport. Public transportation is readily available on the terminal side of the field. Free parking for employees is available.

EATING FACILITIES: There are restaurants within 5 minutes of the office, fast food establishments within 10 minutes.

COMMUNITY DESCRIPTION: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is about six miles south of the Lake Erie shoreline and close to the residential areas of the southwestern suburbs. There are schools and churches of all denominations nearby, and several colleges downtown, on the east side, and in Berea. Kent State University is located here. There is a Community College near the airport which offers a two year program with reasonable tuition. Cleveland is a typical large industrial city with expanding industrial and residential tracts. The corporate headquarters of 65 major manufacturing companies of revenues greater than $200 million are located in Cleveland.

There are many recreational facilities available, particularly at the nearby beaches and park system. Culture of the arts and music is well represented in the area and sports enthusiasts will find major league teams in baseball, football, basketball, and soccer, along with amateur sports of all types.

TAX INFORMATION: State sales tax of 5% and country sales tax of 2% (carry out food is not taxed). Cleveland City income tax of 2% of gross income (most suburbs also have a city income tax of 1 to 2%). Automobile tags are around $40.00 per year. Real estate is assessed at 0.82 to 2.66% of the market value. The average real estate tax is 2% of the market value. State income tax:

$ 5,000 - $ 10,000 $ 47.50 plus 1.9% of excess over $ 5,000
$10,000 - $ 15,000 $142.00 plus 3.8% of excess over $10,000
$15,000 - $ 20,000 $332.00 plus 4.75% of excess over $15,000
$20,000 - $ 40,000 $570.00 plus 5.7% of excess over $20,000
$40,000 - $ 80,000 $1710 plus 6.65% of excess over $40,000
$80,000 - $100,000 $4370.00 plus 7.6% of excess over $80,000

CHILD CARE FACILITIES: There are nearly two hundred child care facilities listed in the Cleveland telephone book. Such facilities are available in most suburbs. Costs vary depending upon the facility, qualification of instructors and amount of care required. Hours are generally 6:00 am to 6:00 pm and six days per week.

CLIMATE: Summers are moderately warm and humid (average 6.13 cooling degree days) with occasional days when temperatures exceed 90%; winters are reasonably cold (average 61.54 heating degree days) and cloudy with an average of five days with sub-zero temperatures.

The daily range in temperature is usually greatest in the late summer and least in winter. Coldest month on record is January 1977. In that month the maximum temperature failed to reach 32F and sub-zero lows were recorded on 14 days. The warmest month on record is July 1995. In that month daily highs exceeded 89F on 16 days. On the average, freezing temperatures in Fall are recorded in October while the last freezing temperature in spring normally occurs in May.

Showers and thunderstorms account for most of the rainfall during the growing season. Snowfall may fluctuate widely from the annual mean of 50 inches. Mean annual snowfall increases from west to east in Cuyahoga County ranging from about 45 inches in the west to more than 90 inches in the extreme east.

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