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Eastern Region Headquarters Internet Web Site
Bohemia, NY.

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OFFICE LOCATION: The National Weather Service Eastern Region Headquarters is located on the second floor of 630 Johnson Avenue in Bohemia, NY. The building is a black, all-glass structure two stories high and is the southern twin of an identical building located just to the north. The buildings are locally referred to as the "Black Dice" and are located just across Veterans Memorial Highway from Islip-MacArthur Airport.

Johnson Avenue can be accessed from Vets Highway to the north and Sunrise Highway to the South. To reach Vets highway from the Long Island Expressway, head south off exit 59 (Ocean Avenue) until you intersect Vets Highway. Turn left (east). You will see signs for Johnson Avenue where you will make a right (south). At this point, you will see the black buildings and the entrance on the right just past the southern-most building. Park either in the front or back. From the Sunrise Highway, take Johnson Avenue north until you see the black buildings on the left (west) side of the road.

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OFFICE ACTIVITY: The office is staffed generally from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. with personnel representing the offices of the Director and Deputy Director; Administrative Management Division; and the Divisions of Meteorological Services, Hydrology, System Operations, and Scientific Services. The office also houses the Public Affairs Officer, and credit union. The Eastern Region encompasses National Weather Service activities in 16 states from Maine to South Carolina, west to Ohio.

TRANSIENT AND PERMANENT LIVING ACCOMMODATIONS: There is a wide variety of hotels and motels, in the budget to luxury price range, near the Eastern Region Headquarters. Within a half-hour's drive, a number of other communities can be reached with housing available at every income level including waterfront, lakefront, rural, urban, and suburban living. More than three million people representing many diverse cultures live on Long Island.

LOCAL TRANSPORTATION: A car is essential for anyone working at the Bohemia office as bus transportation is limited and rail service is some distance away. Limited parking for NWS employees and visitors is available without charge.

EATING FACILITIES: The Airport Diner is within walking distance to the office, while a wide variety of eateries for almost all tastes are easily accessible within minutes by vehicle. Delivery service is also available for a number of different foods.

COMMUNITY DESCRIPTION: Bohemia is one of Long Island's hundreds of distinct communities and, like many others, is served by its own fire and ambulance departments, school district, and town (Islip) and county (Suffolk) governments. The community was first settled in 1855 by central Europeans escaping the tyranny of the Hapsburg Emperors of Austria-Hungary. In 1894, Community residents named Bohemia after their homeland which was the former Czechoslovakia. The area is well served by major and minor roadways and MacArthur Airport, is right across the street. LaGuardia and Kennedy Airports, two of the nation's busiest with international service, are approximately an hour away (depending on traffic which can be heavy throughout the area during the rush hours). The region is well known for its close proximity to New York City which can be reached from the Ronkonkoma Train station in about an hour or by car in about an hour and a half (depending on traffic).

Located on Long Island, the community has direct access to the Atlantic Ocean and Long Island Sound, as well as waterways such as the Great South Bay and Connetquot River. Many other waterways are easily accessible through a relatively short car ride. The area boasts many varied recreational opportunities.

EDUCATION: Long Island's many communities have their own school districts with a wide range of educational facilities. Residents with school-age children many times base their permanent living decisions on school district choices. Research in this area is recommended before settling in a community. Colleges include three campuses of Suffolk Community College, State University at Stony Brook, Dowling College with its new National Aviation Center, and St. Joseph's. Travel less than an hour away will access many other opportunities for higher education.

ECONOMY: For many years, Long Island's economy was dominated by manufacturing, an industry that was defined by defense work with the Grumman Corp. and many other related companies leading the way. With the end of the Cold War and decreased military spending, the region's economy has diversified into service industries, retailing, and a newly emerging high-tech segment led by industry giant Computer Associates which tap into the area's well-educated work force. Yet, the region has slowly realized the economic recovery experienced in other parts of the nation.

TAX INFORMATION: The region has the unfortunate burden of being one of the highest taxed in the country. The New York State Income tax is among the highest and the local sales tax currently stands at 8.25 percent. Long Island's millions of residents generally accept the higher taxes as the price for the region's high standard of living and diverse recreational opportunities.

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