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A key component of the National Weather Service's Modernization and Restructuring Program is the newly constructed National Weather Service Forecast Office and River Forecast Center in Wilmington, Ohio. This "co-located" facility serves more than 10 million people in Ohio, Indiana, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Eastern Illinois as well as portions of Tennessee, New York and Virginia. The operational program centers upon the new WSR-88D Doppler Radar System, AWIPS, expanded hydrologic responsibility through the assistance of IFLOWS and the Ohio Storms Project, and an upper air program.

This office is one of the thirteen "co-located" Weather Service Offices in the United States (there are almost 100 other offices that are not comprised of BOTH a Weather Forecast Office AND a River Forecast Center). Our office building actually holds TWO offices. The Office is located on South State Route 134 less than a mile south of the City of Wilmington Ohio with a mailing address of: 1901 South State Route 134, Wilmington 45177.

The Wilmington Office was awarded a National Weather Service Modernization Award in 1996, and more recently, was awarded a Department Of Commerce Silver Medal for Outstanding Service to the Public during the Record Flooding in the Ohio River Valley during March of 1997.

OFFICE ACTIVITIES: The National Weather Service at Wilmington (NWSO ILN) operates 24 hours daily every day of the year. Aided by the state of the art WSR-88D Doppler Radar, NWSO ILN's primary mission is to oversee the warnings and forecasts for 56 counties in southwest Ohio, northern Kentucky, and southeastern Indiana. (This number will soon to be reduced to 52 counties, as the NEW Northern Indiana Weather Service Office comes on-line). The NWSO handles aviation forecasts (TAFs) for four locations (CVG, DAY, CMH, and LUK), and one TWEB route (#064). The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (located near Dayton, OH) is attached to the KILN radar as an Associated PUP.

A full upper air (balloon) program is assigned to the office, as well as extensive hydrologic (river) forecast responsibility. Continuous weather broadcasts originate from four NWSO ILN NOAA Weather Radio transmitters located strategically across the county warning area. A fifth transmitter is planned to be added in the near future.

The Ohio River Forecast Center (OHRFC) is collocated with the Wilmington National Weather Service Forecast Office. The OHRFC is open from 6 am until 10 pm, Monday through Friday, and from 6 am until 3 pm on weekends. Operating hours are extended as needed during flood events.

The OHRFC is tasked with providing daily river stage and flow volume forecasts for locations along the entire length of the Ohio River (981 miles), and all of the tributary rivers and streams that flow into it. The area of responsibility covers approximately 200,000 square miles, from the Allegheny River in Western New York and the Monongahela River in West Virginia, to Cairo, Illinois, where the Ohio River drains into the Mississippi. This involves forecasting for approximately one hundred locations on a daily basis, and as many as two hundred locations during a critical flood situation.

The OHRFC accomplishes its river flood forecasting operations through the use of an interactive computer model which simulates the rises and falls of the actual rivers. Many different parameters are involved in this computer model.

Among them are: location and amount of rainfall over the past 24 hours; location and amount of snowmelt, if any; amount of water being discharged through navigational locks and hydroelectric dams; air temperature and estimations of soil moisture. Precipitation forecast to occur over the next 24 to 48 hours is also entered into the model for inclusion in the forecasts.

CLIMATE, COMMUNITY DESCRIPTION AND POPULATION: Wilmington is found near the center of Clinton County in Southwest Ohio. The terrain is generally characterized as gently rolling to flat. It's climate is classified as continental. Changes in the weather are frequent. Summers are moderately warm and humid. Only occasionally do temperatures exceed 90 degrees. Winters are reasonably cold and cloudy with an average of 4 days per winter recording sub-zero temperatures.

The average annual temperature is 52.3 degrees. Average annual rainfall equals 36.24 inches with annual snowfall averaging 28.3 inches. Generally, Wilmington residents see an average of five snowfalls per year that exceed one inch.

Records show that Clinton County has demonstrated a slow but steady population growth for over 50 years. The 1996 population of Clinton County was nearly 40,000, with around 14,000 of those people residing in Wilmington, the County seat.


Wilmington is known for rural, small town living, but residential sub-divisions are fast becoming a major part of the community. Currently, there are several new housing developments being built. For the past several years, Wilmington has been voted one of the best small towns in America to live in.

Since Wilmington is conveniently located to three major metro cities, employees have many options when choosing where to live.

If you would prefer a larger City-setting, and don't mind commuting, the larger metropolitan areas of Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, Ohio, are within a 30 to 60 minute drive (mostly on Interstate Highways). Several State Parks and a variety of recreational areas are within a 45 minute of Wilmington.

Adjoining counties to Wilmington, like Greene County (Xenia, OH - closer to Dayton) and Warren County (Lebanon, OH - closer to Cincinnati), are developing rapidly. Those searching for a predominatly rural setting might consider Highland County (Hillsboro) to the southeast of Wilmington - noted for beautiful rolling hills, lower cost of living, and vast countryside.

Warren County, located just to the east of Clinton County is experiencing tremendous growth, both buisness and residential. Several NWSO/OHRFC employees currently reside in Warren County probably due to the easy access it provides to Cincinnati and the relatively short commute to work. Warren county has a large amount of NEW housing developments. Eastern Warren County remains rural. Newer development in Warren County has been primarily in the southern and western parts of the county.

Recently, Greene County has developed many subdivisions and a few shopping malls. Some of the new Greene County subdivisions are within 8 to 10 miles of Wilmington in a varied price range.

ECONOMICS: Agriculture is a mainstay of the Clinton County economy. Corn, soybeans, hogs, and cattle are the most dominant money makers. There are over fifty industrial firms in the County. Area manufacturers are involved in producing hand and machine tools, plastics, hospital and mortuary supplies, mobile homes, ceramics, structured steel, glassware, crystal silicon wafers, stainless steel auto parts, auto instrument panels, and hydroelectric truck parts. Airborne Express Incorporated, an air freight forwarder, is the largest single employer in the County. The Wilmington Industrial Airpark (ILN) - where Airborne is located - is located less than two miles from the NWS Office.

There are nearly 500 businesses to choose from in Clinton County which makes local shopping easy and accessible. There are four shopping centers in Wilmington. For more specialized shopping ventures, local residents head for the nearby metropolitan areas of Dayton, the center of which is located 35 miles to the northwest, Cincinnati, with its center 60 miles southwest, or Columbus, which has its center 65 miles to the northeast.

COMMUNITY FACILITIES AND RECREATION: There are 18 protestant churches and one roman catholic church in Wilmington. Wilmington has one hospital supporting 150 beds. There are 74 doctors and eleven dentists. Four motels with a total of 302 rooms and one hotel are located in Wilmington.

There are two organized child care centers in Wilmington, however, enrollment is limited. The majority of child care is provided by private individuals in their home. Comprehensive Community Child Care (513-382-7011) has a local office and can assist in finding suitable child care.

Wilmington has a high reputation for it's community spirit! There are two parks, a YMCA, four swimming pools, four ball fields, two tennis courts, two indoor theaters, one amateur theater, and two golf courses - one private and one public. For those with an interest in professional sports, the Cincinnati Reds, Bengals, and Cyclones are all a simple hour away.

EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES: Education ranks high on the Clinton County priority list. In Wilmington, there are three elementary schools, a kindergarten, one junior high, and one high school.

Wilmington is home to Wilmington College, a highly regarded liberal arts institution founded in 1870. Noted for it's beautiful "New England Style Campus," Wilmington College offers 22 majors with specialized programs in such areas as agriculture, business, education, communication, and athletics.

Noted recently for it's rather new aviation program, Southern State Community College, [SSCC], a two year college, serves Clinton and four surrounding counties. Southern State Community College enrolls over 1,500 students annually and offers 20 technical programs. In addition, the Air Park's Laurel Oaks Campus of the Great Oaks Joint Vocational School District offers an aviation maintenance technician program.

HOUSING: Wilmington offers 1600 rental units, within a few minutes commute to the office. The median rental price is $450.00 a month with a range from $300.00 to $650.00 per month depending on number of bedrooms and type of rental unit. The Rental Market is considered tight, especially for two or three bedroom units. There are some one bedroom units available. A minimum one year lease is usually required. Apartments, townhouses and other rental units are abundantly available in the suburbs of Dayton and Cincinnati which are always expanding outward closer to Wilmington.

The average cost of homes sold in 1996 within the City of Wilmington was $95,000.00. New home construction ranges from $80,000.00 to $300,000.00 plus. (Information obtained from the Clinton County Board of Realtors). Mobile homes are in fairly widespread use and are readily available for purchase or rent.

TRANSPORTATION: The only public transportation that serves the NWSO ILN office area is a small cab service. This taxi service does not operate twenty four hours a day. There are three local car rental agencies in the city of Wilmington. A personal vehicle is an absolute must for all NWS employees.

There is no commercial airport in Wilmington. Full service from all major commercial airlines is available at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, Port Columbus International Airport, and Dayton International Airport. Anticipate drive time from Wilmington to any of these major airports to fluctuate between 1 and 1 3/4 hours.

TAXES: The taxable value of property in communities in West Central Ohio is 35 percent of market value. Properties are re-assessed every six years. The general property tax rate averages about 48.1 cents per $1000 of taxable value.

The retail sales tax in Ohio is 6 percent with a County Permissive Tax of an additional 1 percent accessed in some areas. There is a City Income Tax of 1 percent in the city of Wilmington and some of the surrounding small communities. One must pay this tax if you live or work within Wilmington or one of the other small communities where the city income tax exists. At the present time, the National Weather Service Office in Wilmington, NWSO ILN, is not within the Wilmington city limits.

Ohio State Personal Income Tax is based on the Federal Adjusted Income. There is a $650.00 exemption per deduction. The following is a partial State of Ohio Tax Table:

Income Tax Of the Amount Above
$15,000-$20,000       $260.00 + 3.715%     
$20,000-$40,000       $446.00 + 4.457%     
$40,000-$80,000     $1,337.00 + 5.201%     
$80,000-$100,000    $3,418.00 + 5.943%     
Minus a $20.00 reduction in tax per exemption.


Wilmington Chamber of Commerce
(Clinton County)
40 N. South Street
Wilmington, Ohio 45177
Phone: 937-382-2737

Highland County Chamber of Commerce
P. O. Box 296
Hillsboro, Ohio 45133
Phone: 937-393-1111

Xenia Area Chamber of Commerce
(Greene County)
334 West Market Street
Xenia, Ohio 45385

Warren County
Convention and Visitors Bureau
777 Columbus Ave.
Lebanon, Ohio 45036
Phone: 513-933-1138

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