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STATION LOCATION: The office is located on 53 Roberts Road in Newport, NC, which is just inland from the Morehead City/Atlantic Beach/Emerald Isle vicinity of coastal North Carolina. Traveling on highway 70, turn south onto Roberts Road. The office is about a block up on the left.

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STATION ACTIVITY: The NWSO is a full service NEXRAD station with 15 county warning responsibility. In addition, there is a large marine area of responsibility for all North Carolina coastal waters out to 100 miles, and the area Sounds. Aviation responsibility is 1 terminal forecast for Newbern; and 1 TWEB route ILM-ORF. Hydrologic responsibility is for three river basins. The CPM responsibility is small with 17 stations. Upper air observations (Rawinsonde) is taken twice daily. The office operated 2 NWR consoles, Newbern & Cape Hatteras.

TRANSIENT AND PERMANENT LIVING ACCOMMODATIONS: Housing in the area is diverse from upscale luxury on resort property, to quiet county homes; condos to trailers. Prices for three bedroom homes begin around $75,000 inland, and go up. The closer to the water, or with water access, the higher the prices. Apartment rentals average around $325 to $500/month. For transient quarters, there are numerous hotels/motels in the commuting area (1 within walking distance of the office). Since the area is beach resort - reservations are urged during the tourist season (Memorial Day - Thanksgiving). There are also condos and homes available for weekly and monthly rentals, although most of these are geared for the vacation rental and prices are rather high. These can be more affordable during the off season.

LOCAL TRANSPORTATION: There is taxi service in the Morehead City/Beaufort/Atlantic Beach areas, but none in Newport. There is no public transportation. A private automobile is required.

EATING FACILITIES: There are a few small restaurants within 5 miles of the office (some will deliver), but most restaurants are outside of 10 miles inside the resort area. These range from fine dining to fast food.

COMMUNITY DESCRIPTION: Several distinct small towns blend together to from the community around Morehead City, commonly called the "Crystal Coast". The towns are surrounded by farmlands and the Croatan National Forest, giving a wide diversity of lifestyles and recreation. The oceanfront is geared toward family recreation and tourism with all types of water sports, fishing, and marine activities. Further inland, there is a strong military influence with Camp LaJune and Cherry Point nearby. The community is served with several shopping centers, but no malls.

There is a community college that is affiliated with East Carolina University, Greenville. Cultural pursuits, spectator sports, or serious shopping are within a 3 to 4 hour drive at Raleigh, Greenville, or Richmond, VA.

TAXES: North Carolina state income tax is 7.75% with a 6% state sales tax. The property tax in Carteret County is $.45/100. Each municipality charges between 20 to 45 cents per hundred.

CHILD CARE: There are several licensed child care facilities in the area at reasonable rates, however, hours of operation is 7AM to 6PM, Monday through Friday. For shift workers, private babysitters is necessary.

CLIMATE: With the strong influence of the Atlantic, and the nearby Gulf Stream, the climate around Newport is exceedingly mild. The average annual temperature is 64 degrees. Freezing temperatures occasionally happen during the pre dawn hours, but quickly warm during the day. Prolonged freezing temperatures (greater than 3 days) are rare. Summertime is also influenced by the surrounding waters, with temperatures much cooler than areas 50 miles further inland. Humidity is high in the summer months making life without air conditions difficult.

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