Safety Patrols
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Shallotte-Calabash

United States Coast Gurad Auxiliary safety patrols have long been recognized 
by Team Coast Guard as an effective boater safety program. The mere presence 
of auxiliary vessels on our waterways sends a clear message that safe 
boating should be a priority for everyone. Safety patrols encourage reduced 
speed of vessels in crowded waterways, encourage the use of PFDs, especially 
for children, keep watch for navigational hazards, report on adverse weather 
conditions, report to Coast Guard stations any discrepancies on aids to 
navigation, provide aid to distressed or disabled vessels and many other 
safety activities.

Flotilla 10-08 patrols the Intracoastal Waterway and near shore waters from
Lockwood Folley Lnlet, N.C. to the S.C. line at Little River Inlet. Although
we do many kinds of patrols for Team Coast Guard, safety patrols are our
priority. Please remember that our Coast Guard Auxiliary patrols are intended 
for your safety and boating enjoyment.

In addition...Flotilla 10-08 will have someone available for additional safe 
boating information at a booth at the Walmart in Shallotte on Saturday May 17th 
and Sunday May 18th. 

Boat Smart From the Start!

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U S Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 10-8  Shallotte-Calabash, NC.