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During Safe Boating Week, we are reminded that North Carolina has an immense marine environment that is valuable to both the state and the nation. It contributes significantly to the quality of life enjoyed by its citizens and visitors. The rivers, sounds, estuaries, barrier islands, inlets, wetlands, and continental shelf support business, industry, commerce, recreation, and tourism. In recent years, these resources in the coastal areas have been subjected to increasing pressures from population growth and expanding development. Careful use of these resources is essential to ensure preservation of these economically, aesthetically and ecologically rich ecosystems. The University of North Carolina at Wilmington and the Center for Marine Science, as the state’s only public university adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, is committed to sound stewardship of our marine environment. Its existing marine science programs and its faculty expertise enhance the state’s leadership in marine studies, and provide an exceptional opportunity to teach and practice environmental awareness and responsibility. For more information on how you can participate in environmental programs offered at the university, contact the Center for Marine Science at (910)-­962-­2301. And remember: It’s your environment…take care of it! Boat Smart...Boat Safe...Wear It! This message was brought to you by... The University of North Carolina at Wilmington Center for Marine Science $$