USCG Aux logo General Boat Safety Information
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary 12-2 Grand Strand
The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary has several safety concerns that you should be aware of. This includes riding on the bow of boats, which is one cause of severe injuries and even death. Also, drinking and driving a boat while fatigued from sun and waves can greatly reduce good judgment. Another concern is that too many people are not watching their children and they are not making sure that they wear their life vests. Particularly good swimmers often consider themselves immune to drowning, but even the best will not survive if rendered unconscious. Also people that drown without floatation are often difficult to locate, sometimes for days, which is traumatic for everyone concerned. Swimmers fall in this category as well! If you are unconscious, how good can you swim? A lot of caution and common sense will make your boating much more FUN in the SUN! Boat Smart...Boat Safe...Wear It! This message was brought to you by... The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary 12-2 Grand Strand, South Carolina $$