Know Before You Go
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Grand Strand

Before leaving the dock, you should at least check these items.

1) the weather forecast from National Weather Service for your area 
   of operation

2) Operation of the VHF radio

3) Your up-to-date charts of your area

4) Your boats instruments & mechanical operation

5) Take one third more fuel than you expect to need

6) Your personal flotation devices (life jackets) are readily available 
   for use in an emergency for each person on board, plus one throwable

7) Have briefed passengers on emergency procedures

8) Your First Aid Kit

9) Finally, inform someone on shore of your intended trip, date, and ETA 
   (estimated time of arrival back at the dock.)

Once more, KNOW BEFORE YOU GO....

Boat Smart From the Start!

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U S Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 12-2 Little River, SC.