USCG Aux logo Thunderstorms, Waterspouts, and Sea Fog
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Hampstead
If you are caught in a thunderstorm when boating take the precaution of having each person on board don a life jacket. Pinpoint your location as heavy rain will reduce visibility. Once the storm hits take the first and heaviest gusts of wind on your bow, not your stern, and approach waves at a 45 degree angle. Lowering antennas, staying low in the boat and away from all metal objects can reduce the risk of personal injury and damage to your boat from nearby lightning strikes. If you encounter a waterspout or a tornado which has moved off shore have each person on board put on a life jacket and steer away from its path as they generate strong damaging winds. If the waterspout appears to be standing still it is either moving toward or away from you. As a precaution steer a course 90 degrees to the right or left. Sea fog can drastically reduce visibility to a few feet in a matter or minutes. When encountering fog while boating have each person on board don a life jacket. As a precaution mark your position, reduce speed, assign lookouts and listen, consider anchoring if out of shipping channels and give a warning signal at least every two minutes. Boat Smart...Boat Safe...Wear It! This message was brought to you by... The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary 10-9 Hampstead, North Carolina $$