USCG Aux logo Distress Situations
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Hampstead
If you or your vessel is in imminent danger or in a distress situation you can use any means possible to attract attention. Often visual signals such as flares, smoke, lights and flags or audible signals from your horn or whistle will get the attention and help you need. Waving both arms up and down continuously is a universally recognized distress signal. Boaters providing assistance to vessels in distress are protected by the “good samaritan” law and must offer assistance if they can do so without putting themselves or their vessels in danger. If you are unable to attract attention using these procedures and you have a VHF radio initiate a distress call to the U.S. Coast Guard on channel 16. Boat Smart...Boat Safe...Wear It! This message was brought to you by... The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary 10-9 Hampstead, North Carolina $$