Homeland Security on the Water
Shallotte River Sail and Power Squadron

Boat Safety awareness is the primary goal of the National Safe Boating week, 
sponsored by the National Safe Boating Council and its member organizations. 
In our present national state of terror alert maritime security measures 
are being enforced with new vigor and there are several new alerts that all
boaters should be familiar with.

The Department of Homeland Defense and the U.S. Coast Guard ask that if you 
see anything suspicious or see any unusual activity on the waterways, 
particularly around “critical infrastructure” such as dams, power plants, 
fueling depots, airports and military bases, that you contact the Coast Guard 
on Channel 16, or call 911.

Suspious activities can include:

- boaters fishing or hunting in areas where people normally do not fish 
  or hunt;

- unusual filming or photography;

- unusual diving;

- boats underway at night with no running lights on;

- vessels anchoring or loitering in a sensitive area, around large ships, 
  piers or restricted facilities;

- unattended vessels.

Naval Vessel Protection Zones and security restrictions are being aggressively 
enforced because Naval Commanders are sensitive to the USS Cole bombing. These 
restrictions should also be applied to security around large cargo vessels, 
tankers and cruise ships. If you have any doubts, contact the ship on Channel 
16 and comply with any instructions they may give you.

- 100 Yard Exclusion Zone: no vessel is allowed within this zone without 
  authorization. Violation is a Felony Offense with a stiff sentence and fine.

- 500 Yard Advisory Zone: boaters must operate at a minimum speed and in a 
  non-aggressive manner in this zone. 

Security Zones around Military facilities such as Sunny Point Army Terminal 
on the Cape Fear River, and Camp Lejune Marine Base on the Intracoastal 
Waterway have exclusion zones for boaters that are clearly shown on the 
navigational charts. Restrictions are being strictly enforced and are subject 
to change. Temporary Security Zones, such as around the deep port docking 
facilities in Wilmington NC may be imposed at anytime by the US Coast Guard. 
Local Notices to Mariners with new rules, changes or warnings may be obtained 
at 800-682-1796, or on the internet at the US Coast Guard Navigation Center 

Confidence as a boater comes from understanding the rules of the waterway and 
knowing how to react to the whims of the sea. Improve your confidence by 
taking a Boat Safety Class. The SHALLOTTE RIVER SAIL & POWER SQUADRON offers 
the 8-week course twice a year in Brunswick Co. The next class starts in 
September 2003. Call 910-579-2886 for more information.

Boat Smart From the Start!

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