United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Hampstead, North Carolina

As we get into the boating season, it's always a good 
idea to review some tips for safe boating that may make 
your boating adventure a little safer:

1.  Check the local weather before going out; listen to 
the weather channel; read the weather report in the 
newspaper, also, be sure you know what the tide's are 
doing for your day on the boat.

2.  Check to make sure all of your safety equipment is  
there, on board the boat, and that it is all still in 
good condition.  Make sure everyone on board knows where 
all the safety equipment is and how to use it.

3.  Prepare a "Float Plan".  Tell someone who you trust 
and is not going with you, where you expect to be going 
and when you expect to be back.  This is called a "Float 
Plan" and should include information that you would want 
someone to know about you and your boat that would help 
them find you, if necessary. Be sure to cancel your 
float plan when you return.

4.  Know the basic navigation rules and what 
the "traffic" signs mean that you see while underway.
Consider taking a safe boating class from the CG 
Auxiliary or Power Squadron.

5.  Have and show respect and consideration for others 
out on the water.  Remember, you are responsible for 
your wake and any damage or injury you  might cause to 

6.  Please don't use alcohol while boating, the effects 
of alcohol while out in the sun, on the water are far 
greater than while on land.

7.  "Safe Boats save lives" is more than just a slogan, 
it makes sense to have your boat's safety gear checked 
by the Auxiliary or Power Squadron at the start of the 

Flotilla 10-09 Vessel Examiners will be at the New River 
Marina on 18/19 May, Scott's Hill Marina on the 1st & 2d 
of June and at Harbor Village Marina on 8 & 9 June 
providing free Vessel Safety Checks.

In addition, the flotilla will be at the Hwy 210 Hi Rise 
Bridge Public Ramps (over the Inter Coastal Waterway from 
North Topsail Beach)on the 25, 26 & 27 of May.

8.  Remember to "Boat Smart from the Start" and wear 
your life jackets.  Have a safe, fun-filled boating day.

...Boat Smart; Boat Safe; Take Control...