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It is amazing when boaters stop and ask “How do I get to Wilmington?", or some other port. The smart answer is go to Intra-Coastal Waterway number 1 and turn left, but the correct answer is a question, “are you prepared?” The other day a boater stopped and asked that very question. After looking at the boat and the number of people in the boat the captain was asked several questions. It was found that they were totally unprepared for that trip, or really for any trip. Common sense boating starts with preparation on the part of not only the captain, but the crew as well. Make sure that you have the following equipment on board as a minimum. - Life Jackets for everyone and that they will fit everyone - A bucket to bail water if necessary - A whistle or horn to signal a distress situation or the need for assistance. - A radio for updated weather and assistance - A chart of the local area with water depths Leave a short float plan with a neighbor as to where you are going and when you plan to return. Include your boat name and a description if possible as well as a cell phone number. Common sense boating means that you are responsible for your boat and your crew and that you will do everything possible to insure a safe and pleasant day on the water. Boat Smart...Boat Safe...Wear It! This message was brought to you by... The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary 10-5 Southport, North Carolina $$