Southport Sail and Power Squadron, North Carolina

We all know we have to have life jackets on the boat.  But do they work?  
When was the last time you tested your life jackets?  When was the last 
time you put it on?  And exactly where on the boat are they? 

At least once a season every life jacket on the boat should be tested.  
Just strap it on, and get in the water.  Does it fit?  Does it keep you 
afloat?  If not, replace it. 

Check the zippers, straps, ties and snaps.  Make sure it fits.  Make sure 
it holds you afloat.  If it doesn’t, replace it. 

And when on board, make sure you know where the life jackets are, and make 
sure that you can get to them quickly. 

In an emergency, you need a life jacket FAST.  If you don’t know where they 
are, and they’re not in easy reach, by the time you dig through the fishing 
gear, skiing gear or extra sails to find it, it may be too late.  

The cost of a new life jacket is small – the cost of a life is not. 

The Southport Sail and Power Squadron urges you to boat smart and boat safe.  

To join or for more information, contact Commodore David Pryor, 454-4479 or 
email him at olmariner@hotmail.com 

...Boat Smart; Boat Safe; Take Control...