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Explanation of the FOP Data File

Flood Outlook Product MARFC 20060829/1513 
140 0 Aug 29 - Sep 3, 2006 
-74.24780, 40.49672 
-74.25227, 40.50033 
-74.25495, 40.50418 
-74.25525, 40.50803 
-74.25347, 40.50939

The first line of the file gives the title and the date/time (GMT) the file was produced.

The next line is a data passage header.  The first field is the number of lon/lat points defining a polygon.  The second field is the threat level: 0 = possible, 1 = likely, and 2 = imminent or already occurring.  The remaining fields indicate the period over which the threat exists.
The next and "number of lon/lat points" lines are the longitude and latitude of the polygon vertices.
Multiple polygons can be defined with either the same or different threat levels.


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