National Weather Service 
Newport/Morehead City, North Carolina

Important River Flood Levels for the

Tar River at Greenville

River Level (ft) Type of Flooding Impact of Flood Level
13.00Minor Flood stage. Minor flooding of lowlands adjacent to the river.
16.00Minor Widespread low land flooding adjacent. Some farmland will beging to flood in Pitt county.
17.00Moderate Many acres of farmland will flood. A few secondary roads on the left bank (north side) of the river begin to flood.
19.00 Major Thousands of acres of farmland will flood. Many secondary roads on the left bank (north side) of the river will be flooded. Water will begin to threaten a few homes along the river.
20.00Major Water will flood several homes near the river. Water will also begin to flood the Town Commons and adjacent areas in the City of Greenville. Flood waters will start to enter the Greenville utilities Water Treatement Plant. Thousands of acres of farmland will flood.
22.00Major Water will overflow into the City of Greenville. Several secondary roads will also flood along with some homes alon the river. Evacuations will be needed. Water will begin to flood the Tar River Estates and Beech Street Villas next to the river. On the north side of the river, water will flood up to the intersection of Mumford Road and Highway 33. Numerous tributaries will flood homes and roads countywide.
24.00Major Devastating flooding for all areas adjacent to the river as well as tributaries. Water will begin to flood Pitt-Greenville Airport. Water will overflow in the City Greenville flooding numerous homes along the river. Nearly all major roads countywide will become flooded and impassible.
29.72Flood of record River crest experienced following Hurricane Floyd in September 1999.
30.00MajorNumerous homes adjacent to the river will flood including many in the City of Greenville. All roads in and around Greenville become flooded and are impassible. Tributaries countywide will cause widespread flooding of roads and homes.

For more information regarding rivers and streams in Eastern North Carolina please contact the Newport/Morehead City National Weather Service office at (252) 223-5122 ext.5.