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Instructions for printing your Advanced Skywarn™ certificate online

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You should have attended a recent NWS Skywarn™ class and received a password from your trainer.  In the form below, enter your name as you want it to appear on your certificate and the password.  Then, click on the Create Certificate button.  A certificate with your name, and today's date will appear in the browser.  Click on File>Page Setup, delete any characters in the Header and Footer boxes, delete the numbers in each of the 4 margin boxes (the blanks will be replaced by the lowest possible settings), select Landscape, and click OK.  Then, click on your browser's print button.  If you have recently completed a Skywarn™ course, did not receive a printed certificate, and did not receive a password, please e-mail Fred Mcmullen.  Include your name and the date of your training.


Your Name
Your Training Date MM/DD/YYYY

PLEASE NOTE that this certificate is valid for only skywarn spotters in the NWS Pittsburgh county warning area.

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