Ice Pack - North East and Susquehanna Rivers January 2003

These photographs of the North East and Susquehanna Rivers, which are near the head of the Chesapeake Bay, were sent to us from Bruce Criscuolo. The enclosed notes accompanied the photos and briefly describe the setting. Thanks Bruce!

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"... While down at the Charlestown pier on the North East River, I took these shots. Itís been some time since we have this consistent cold to freeze the river over. Commercial tug operators have reported they have ice conditions in the Elk River, down to Shad Battery Shoal, which is located just south of the Sassafras River, and north of Worton Point on the Chesapeake Bay (buoy 1A)

The southern picture looks down the river towards the bay, while the northern shot looks towards the marinas. Hope you enjoy them. ..."
"... These pictures are of the Susquehanna Flatís, just south of the Susquehanna River off of Harve de Grace, Maryland.

The " Flatís" as we call them, comprise about 40 square miles of water. As you will see by the pictures, we are frozen up pretty well. Itís been years since we have seen a freeze like this according to the "old salts" from the area. Serious ice conditions exist from the C&D Canal, all the way down the Bay according to the Coast Guard reports I hear on the VHF radio. Just today I overheard a tug boat report 8Ē to 12Ē ice to the Coast Guard in Baltimore. Transit restrictions have been placed on the C&D Canal..."
Perryville Park
Perryville Park2
Susquehanna Flat
Susquehanna Flat2
Susquehanna Flat3
Susquehanna Flat4