The following is a list of pictures we find interesting as meteorologists. Desciptions are included.

1...This picture is of the snowfall event of March 31/April 1, 1997. This is a visual satellite picture from the next day.

2...This picture is a radar image of a seabreeze from April 29, 1997.

3...This picture is a satellite image of a New Jersey forest fire July 29, 1997.

4...These pictures are of the damage from the Berks County Tornado on May 31, 1998.

5...These pictures are of the flooding from Floyd on Sep 16, 1999. This is the post storm Report for Floyd. from NWS Mt Holly, NJ

6... This is a loop of the radar reflectivity during the late season Tornado in Honey Brook in Chester County, Pa on Nov 26, 1999.

7... This is a summary of the end of millenium (12/30/00) snow storm.