NWS Blacksburg participates in the JASON project

By Phil Hysell

Project JASON is a nonprofit program subsidized by National Geographic magazine, and is designed for schools to present science to students through explorers and expeditions. This year Project JASON will focus on "monster storms", where middle and high school students learn about hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, storm formation, weather safety, as well as forecasting and climate monitoring. In preparation for this project, seven workshops have been scheduled across western Virginia from July through November for teachers to learn more about weather.

The Blacksburg NWS office will provide spotter training at all seven workshops which will also increase the number of trained SKYWARNTM spotters.

Near the end of the school year, one student from the program will be selected to go storm chasing with a group of high school and college students from Virginia Tech. Students from across the county will be able to be a part of this 'expedition' by viewing the chase live via webcam and communicating with the chasers via internet chat. A film crew from National Geographic will accompany the chasers.

For more information about the JASON project, visit: www.jasonproject.org