From the Desk of the Meteorologist-In-Charge

David Wert

The Fall 2008 edition of NOAA 'Bout Weather is the ninth bi-annual newsletter that the National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office in Blacksburg, Virginia has released since the Fall of 2004.  Since that time, we have provided a potpourri of weather-related topics - ranging from general interest to technical or scientific in nature.

As a Government agency, we are accountable to you, our customers, for our level of service and responsiveness to your needs and concerns.  We are therefore interested in your thoughts concerning the utility of this newsletter.  Based on your input, we will either continue to issue this newsletter, or if we find that interest is lacking, we will discontinue it and redirect our time and efforts into other areas of service.

So, please take a moment to answer the following questions (if we don't hear from you, we will have to assume that either no one read the newsletter or has a sufficient interest to see it continued):

1)         What aspects of the newsletter do you like?

2)         What aspects of the newsletter don't you like?

3)         What would you like to see changed?  

4)         Who are you and how do you use this information (e.g., home-maker, business professional, emergency first-responder, weather fanatic, etc.)?

5)         Should we continue to issue this newsletter, and if so, at what frequency (e.g., annual, bi-annual, etc.)?

6)         If you answered "yes" to Question #5 above, what topic would you like to see discussed in future newsletters?

7)         Any other information that you would like to provide to help us make a decision about future newsletters?   

This newsletter is provided to serve you better, so please be candid in your response!  Responses should be sent directly to me at the following Email address:

I promise to read and respond to each and every Email that I receive, and will do my best to assure that your thoughts and/or concerns are reflected in any/all future newsletter release(s).

We appreciate our customers, partners, and constituents and consider it a joy, honor, and extreme privilege to serve each of you!