Weather Equipment Siting

by Dennis Sleighter


Many folks keep track of weather conditions at their home or business. Reasons may include agricultural interests, needs for their particular company’s operations, or just a general, or robust, interest in weather conditions. Most people who fall into this category have a basic discount store style thermometer and/or rain gage. Others have various higher levels of quality of equipment, up to the degree of having a multi-array of weather sensors tied into a computer for local data archiving and/or transmission over the Internet for others to view. However, no matter what type or assortment of equipment you may have, where this equipment is located will play a huge role in the accuracy of the measurements.


I’ve listed below the optimal locations for the placement of temperature sensors (or thermometers), rain gages, and anemometers (wind speed and direction equipment). Of course the key word here is “optimal”. More than likely, the area you have available for your weather equipment will have some “problem” about it that will prevent you from obtaining these “optimal” conditions. But if you are able to obtain the standards listed below for placement, then you should have a high level of confidence that the measurements taken are as accurate as the quality of precision the particular piece of equipment you have allows.


Temperature Sensors/Thermometers



Rain Gages