New Feature Available on the National Weather Service Blacksburg Web Page

 by Phil Hysell


The National Weather Service in Blacksburg is excited to announce a new feature on our web page that allows you to plan activities based on specific weather conditions. This feature is called the Weather Activity Planner and is located on the left hand column of our web site: (See image below)

View of our Main Web Page Highlighting the Activity Planner in the left hand menu


Once selected, you enter what combination of weather conditions of interest for your specific area. In the example below, we want to know if there will be any time over the next 7 days where the relative humidity will be 25% or less AND when 20 foot winds will be 20 MPH or greater. These are two of the five conditions needed for a Red Flag warning in North Carolina.


The layout of the Weather Activity Planner


Once the weather elements of interest are entered, just select a location either on the map, or enter a latitude/longitude value for a specific location. Below is the output for our request. It shows near Boone, NC, relative humidity values will be 25 percent or less from noon to 6 pm Friday, and winds will be 20 mph or greater from 9 pm Tuesday to 8 am Wednesday, but these two parameters will not occur simultaneously.


Result of selecting different weather parameters in the Activity Planner


So, the next time you want to know when specific weather conditions are expected for your specific location, try our weather activity planner.