Weather Puzzle Fall/Winter 04/05


Directions: Fill in the blanks to the following statements or questions. Each blank represents one letter in the correct answer. Next, find and circle the words in the word search puzzle. Where circled words intersect each other, take each of the letters of the intersections and arrange the letters to form a wintertime article of clothing the mystery word.


#1: S N O W F L A K E S come in varieties such as dendrites, plates, and columns.


#2: Inches of mercury, Hectopascals, and torr are all units used in the measurement of atmospheric P R E S S U R E?


#3: The Autumnal E Q U I N O X marks the first day of Autumn.


#4: Phil, the forecasting groundhog, resides in the Pennsylvania town of

P U N X S U T A W N E Y.


#5: A return to above normal temperatures after a hard freeze has occurred is called a(an) I N D I A N Summer


#6: Melted snow or ice that re-freezes on road surfaces is called B L A C K ice.

#7: Deposition of water vapor results in F R O S T forming on the ground.


#8: The traditional name given to the full moon in December is the C O L D moon.


#9: The precipitation formed by the melting of snow as it is falling, then its subsequent re-freezing before it reaches the ground is called S L E E T.


#10: Lightning and thunder occurring coincident to snowing is called a(an)

T H U N D E R S N O W.


#11: The current wind chill can be computed when both the current wind speed and T E M P E R A T U R E are known.


#12: On a weather map, a cold front is indicated by a blue colored line with blue T R I A N G L E S spaced along it.


#13: The freezing point of water is 273 K E L V I N.


#14: In Greek Mythology, Z E U S was worshiped as a god of weather.


#15: Rubbing your hands together helps warm them because of

F R I C T I O N.



Word Search Answer Key

Mystery Word: S C A R F