Reporting Criteria  
  Funnel Cloud
  Flash Flooding
  Damage, Injuries or Loss of Life and/or Property Caused by Floods, Winds, Hail, and/or Tornadoes. (If tree damage, determine diameter of limbs)
  Rotating Wall Cloud
  Hail with Diamater > 1/2 Inch
  Wind Gusts >= 50 mph
  Rainfall Rate > 1 Inch Per Hour
How to Contact the Blacksburg, VA NWS  
  Amateur Radio (146.745 MHz or 147.180 MHz)
  Telephone 1-540-552-0084
  Delayed Reports Email Us
Identify Yourself  
Location of the Event  
  County and State
  Your Position Relative to a Known Town/Landmark (7 mi. west of Galax)
  Specific Street Address (if known)
  Specific Lat/Long (if known)
  Your Best Estimate of an Event Not at Your Location (Funnel Cloud 3 mi. North of Your Position)
  Time of the Event
  Duration of the Event
  Is the Event Still in Progress?

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