About the Current Weather Event Pages

We have taken the Briefings Page and renamed it. Our Current Weather Event Pages summarize current and expected weather conditions organized according to weather type (i.e. Winter, Severe, Fire, Flooding, etc.) using a combination of National Weather Service graphics and text products.

The new link to the Current Weather Event Pages under Current Hazards (see below) replaces the Briefings Pages Link. The Current Weather Event will also show up under Top News of the Day. The information is the same. When there are no headlined events, there will be no headline in the Top News of the Day. The name will also change under the Hazards menu, to Significant Weather Pages

Old Main Page Menu New Main Page Menu
Old Briefings Page on our web site
New Current Weather Events link

The Current Weather Event link will be RED when there is an significant weather event ongoing. Otherwise it will be white like the other links. The link under Top News of the Day will be blue, to indicate it is a link.

At the top of each Significant Weather Page is a set of tabs that take you to the other briefing pages...including the "Current Event" Page which we have been producing for the past year.

On each page...a special menu section called "On This Page..." takes you to the other elements that are a part of that page including a product browser which displays multiple versions of various text products that we issue.

We will continue to improve these pages over time with better information and functionality...as we determine how we can best serve our users.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this page, please e-mail the rnk webmaster at: rnk.webmaster@noaa.gov.